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A Stagnant Quarter

Wow. No updates for three whole months. I realize this kind of thing isn’t uncommon in the world of web logs, but I just didn’t think I’d be so capable of stringing together this many consecutive weeks of inactivity. It’s gaming, ferchrissakes. It’s what I’ve done for my whole life. It’s what I like. It’s who I be.

When I realized just how much time had passed since my last entry, I was knocked into a deep state of introspection: with regards to gaming, just what had I been doing with my time? Meditate on this, I did.

After heavy number crunching and hazy memory processing, I was able to compile the following chart:

After scrutinizing the numbers, it’s clear that I spend the least amount of time writing about games. Much to my surprise, I also spend a lot of time crying. Clearly, there is a give-and-take opportunity here: less time crying means more time for writing. It’s simple math.

Onward and upward…

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