Combat Mission Battle Logs


Turn 12 – Race for the finish

Filed under: — thimble @ 10:47 pm

My tanks aren’t moving as quickly as they could be, spending too much time watching texans die. For some reason when your squad got to the road it went from 7 alive members to eliminated. Also I’m not sure but i think the crew from the armoured car got some luger HS action on those kills. Anyways the forest on my side of the road is finally cleared of enemy troops, and the other side is cleaning up nicely, the sqaud that was giving me troubles is leaving shit stains on the ground as they run from the oncoming apc. For some reason you have a crazy man as gunner for your machine gun squad near the hill flag. He’s firing at my armoured car even though it has zero effect. Doesn’t matter he’ll be a bloody stain on the ground shortly.

I can see your original sherman crew in the town, hopefully they aren’t carrying any bazookas. It’s going to be tough to get to the town, if i can make the road next turn my tiger might be able to get there in time.

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