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After Action Report, Part Deux

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Here is the After Action Report.
after battle report
I don’t know how they calculate the points for enemy casualties. Any idea? Maybe we’ll have dig through the battlefront forums.

Surveying the battlefield, I noticed one funny thing. Here is a thumbnail (of sorts) of just about the entire battlefield. Notice my cover arcs on my surviving units, showing that all remaining infantry have fallen back to the top of the hill, which is on the bottom portion of the map. Now look at the top of the battlefield, and there’s a tiny yellow rectangle, top-centre:

I took a closer look and it’s this green vehicle crew, lying in the grass. They are in the middle of nowhere, and their status is “Pinned” and their current action is “Taking Cover”…
lone crazed unit

Taking cover from what? The scent of death? A bad fart? Flying heads? The sound of babies crying? See, this is what happens when you send 14 year olds to war.

As payback for all the trash talk you dished out in your turn emails, I’m going to name my three stars for the game. The first star wins a 4 megapixel digital camera from Kodak!!

Third Star: The 81mm mortar team led by Lt. Shelman (Get it? Shelman?)
Earlier in the game, Lt. Shelman’s mortar team rained high explosive shells, thumbtacks, diseased sheep, and 16-day-old dog feces on the crossroads for three straight turns. Lt. Shelman’s team survived the battle, although like the 8 year old German soldier to the north, they were freaking out by the battle’s end. 8 infantry casualties caused, and 1 set of mortars destroyed.

Second Star: The bazooka team led by Cpl. Daly
Although many engineers and bazooka teams bravely attacked vehicles, Cpl. Daly’s team scored the killing blow to the second Panzer IV, which was threatening the hilltop positions as well as my last Sherman. They tirelessly fell back uphill, hid in the woods, and threatened the final halftrack charge by the Germans causing them to back off, giving the U.S. forces the time they needed. This selfless act resulted in their deaths. 2 infantry casualties caused, 1 Panzer IV destroyed.

First Star: The Sherman tank led by Sgt. Dunlop
They weren’t veterans, merely regulars. Yet, they managed to throw a big wrench in the Germans’ gears. They were ultimately nailed by a mighty Tiger from the side, but their deeds won’t be forgotten, and the surviving crew will make good use of the digital camera. 6 infantry casualties caused, 2 STUGs destroyed, 1 PSW 222 armoured car destroyed.

After Action Report

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Well the boys from texas were able to slow the german assualt, so the mission finished without the germans ever taking a flag. I think the major problem for my troops was they couldn’t get through all the dead american bodies! They were tripping over texans everwhere, just couldn’t find a direct route without bodies acting as road blocks.

So Top good job on winning our first battle, next time I’ll have to work harder at winning instead of erradicating your troops. Also maybe i shouldn’t have lost so much armour. I guess the thing with this map isn’t if the yexans can stop the germans, it’s more of how long they can hold the tide. Because from my point of view i had way more troops and way more armour. The only thing i was missing was more artillery, but i never use those assests very well.

If I played as the USA i think i would’ve been more conservative and waited for the germans to be really close before opening up, so the APCs couldn’t harass me too much since they’d be swiss cheese from the bazookas.


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