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Turn 5 – Smackdown

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What a horrible round for me. I now see a tightly grouped pack of Shermans emerging from the cloud of dust they’re kicking up, and still can spot some lighter AFVs heading toward my position on the main road. In the end, I lost two Panzer IIIs, and another Panzer may be out of action (it was hit in the dying seconds of the turn, but I’m unsure of its status).

The Panzer by the road was destroyed because of my stupidity. When I was setting up his orders, I wanted to straighten him out to take a shot at the AFVs further down the road (he was pointing a bit to the right). I was setting up a cover arc, but noticed a “Cover Armor” option in the menu. I used that instead, and thinking it would be like an infantry Cover Arc order, I set an arc directly ahead of the Panzer, thinking it would rotate as the main hull rotated left to face the enemy. Well guess what, it didn’t.

Instead, as the Panzer rotated counter-clockwise, the turret remained at its original orientation. He was looking at nothing but sand and camel shit! The tank started to move up the hill, but the commander was just sitting out there, looking at nothing. Boom… the Panzer was smoked instantly, and the commander just disappeared from the turret. I guess that means the upper half his body is buried in the sand 100m away, and the lower half of his body is still inside the tank. I watched the movie several times, and I have no idea which Allied AFV killed him.

looking the wrong way
Hans: Unteroffizier, why aren’t we watching out for American vehicles down the road?
Unt Kahn: I was ordered to stare in this direction. O mein Gott! Look at that lucious pile of camel shit!

paying the price for looking the wrong way
Unt Kahn: “MEIN LEBEN!”
Hans: “Team! Fall back!”

Meanwhile, some of the other Panzers were ordered to Hunt in the direction of the main Sherman force. I had ordered them to spots that I thought were decent Hull Down positions. You don’t want to know how much time I spent scrutinizing the landscape to determine that they were suitable. Well it looks like I need new fuckin’ glasses. Two Panzer IIIs made contact with the group of Shermans (looks like there are four of them so far), and one Panzer kept snapping his turret around at each target. I guess Helmut couldn’t make up his fuckin’ mind. Anyway, I hit your lead Sherman twice, but it looks like it’s still in good shape. The part that pissed me off is my second hit ricocheted off your turret. Why? Because your Sherman spotted another Panzer and turned its turret to engage! So what could’ve been the killing shot glances off because the Sherman’s turret is spinning around, and then it appears that the same Sherman fired and injured my other Panzer. Come one!

I think this one’s over!

Turn 4 – Contact

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Finally, after several turns of showing each other our dust clouds, we both make contact. I lost a Panzer, and you lost an armoured car, as they exchanged fire. The Panzer was the “lead” of sorts, as it was the first to get high enough to survey the horizon. It was nestled between the clusters of palm trees by the road, which I figured might provide some concealment from any threat from out in the desert. (I can see a very large dust cloud swirling out there.)

Here’s the kicker: as the Panzer and your armoured car exchange fire, they end up knocking each other out at the same time. Both of their killing shots were their last. My Panzer took out your AFV, but the AFV had already fired the shell that would kill my Panzer commander. I replayed the movie with the camera right behind your armoured car. I see the AFV fire a shot, see it take a hit, hear “GGRRRGGGGUUUURRGGLL”, then hear “GOOD SHOT!” all within a 1-2 second span. I guess the guy celebrating the hit wasn’t the guy who was swallowing his own tongue and nose.

My Panzer took a hit, but wasn’t out of action immediately. It started backing up, but then something blew and it was out of action. I guess something popped inside, causing a couple of casualties. The really shitty thing about this is that tank had my platoon leader in it. He gave the other Panzers in his group a Command bonus of +1. I think this scenario was over the moment he was killed.

EDIT: a Sherman on the flank dealt the killing blow, as shown in the sweet sweet screen captures…

panzer and greyhound exchange fire
The U.S. M8 Greyhound and the German Panzer III score near-simultaneous hits on each other. The Greyhound is out of action, and the damaged Panzer begins to roll back to a hidden position.

retreating panzer nailed by sherman
As the Panzer retreats, three Shermans to its left flank track it. The lead Sherman fires (muzzle flash visible left-of-centre on the horizon) and scores a turret hit. The sight of their commander’s guts all over the inside of the tank prompts the rest of the crew to calmly head for the nearest emergency exit.

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