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Mid-Scenario Postcard

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Got this postcard from uncle Heinrich. Note how the ridge-line is a real kill zone!

Turn 10 – Draknor Redux!

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Well my other sherman team decided to put on their anti-draknor goggles, their commander has informed them this will protect them from any of draknor’s weapons! This could prove the turning point, these goggles are the culmination of the brooklyn project, a secret government science project to produce a defense against the evil draknor!

wearing draknor goggles

This is the moment of truth! This is what it all comes down too, will years of research and millions spent on this research project pay off? I’ll let the picture speak for itself…



Turn 9 – I call him Draknor!

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Well this turn started out in the noble cause of science, my hypothesis was that german nazis crush easily under sherman tank treads. Like many other noble causes this one was stop short by an evil tyrrant, i call him draknor! Draknor takes the form of a tiger tank in this tale and man does he ruin it for my sherman guys!

As you can see i come over the ridge looking for nazi’s to steamroll, maybe the nazis are hiding behind those trees? Let’s have a look!

looking for easy kills

Oh shit, it’s draknor! As you can see from the pic draknor shells penetrate easily into sherman armor like the high school quarterback underneath the bleachers with the cheerleading capt! Anyways it was a firery death for my sherman boys, but don’t worry you will be avenged! The greyhounds are moving into position! And by moving into position i mean running for the hills!


This is a exact moment that sgt. smith’s face riped off and landed in the lap of the other sherman commander. Nice explosion though

huge sherman explosion


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