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After Action Report

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Well the boys from texas were able to slow the german assualt, so the mission finished without the germans ever taking a flag. I think the major problem for my troops was they couldn’t get through all the dead american bodies! They were tripping over texans everwhere, just couldn’t find a direct route without bodies acting as road blocks.

So Top good job on winning our first battle, next time I’ll have to work harder at winning instead of erradicating your troops. Also maybe i shouldn’t have lost so much armour. I guess the thing with this map isn’t if the yexans can stop the germans, it’s more of how long they can hold the tide. Because from my point of view i had way more troops and way more armour. The only thing i was missing was more artillery, but i never use those assests very well.

If I played as the USA i think i would’ve been more conservative and waited for the germans to be really close before opening up, so the APCs couldn’t harass me too much since they’d be swiss cheese from the bazookas.


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  1. Top Hat says:

    Yeah I agree on the expected outcome on this map, regardless of how many times it is played. I realized when looking at the after-battle map that you had another STUG and armoured car. What’s that, 2 Panzer IVs, 3 STUGs, 1 Tiger, and 3-4 armoured cars, PLUS halftracks, trucks against infantry and two Shermans.

    The way the map is designed, it just seems that the town cannot be occupied by any sizeable American force. They all start out in the middle, and the Germans already had scouting cars moving down the road. It would’ve been impossible to get to the town on foot without being spotted and sized up. (Basically, you’d know who was heading there, and could send an appropriately sized force.)

    I agree that you seemed to be a bit hell-bent on destroying me to the last soldier, but I guess you’re as obsessive and crazed as the Big Man himself. Would it have been wiser to concentrate on the town first (your taking it was a foregone conclusion had you made a move earlier), and then use the remaining turns to attempt to take the hill? Who knows. I guess if you had tried to sneak tanks through the woods to the north, the positioning of the Sherman reinforcements was meant to stop that kind of advance.

    As far as my tactics went, I was confused at the beginning. I didn’t realize you’d show up that quickly, and thought I’d have another full turn to “set up”… I was caught with my pants down, thus the whole affair turned into a wild firefight all over the place. Those guys to the west in the woods were my reinforcements, and by then it was a couple of turns in, so I had a better grasp of positioning, and using the in-game camera properly. Notice how they fared a bit better. The guys along the road, in many cases were basically placed into areas where they’d be caught in a crossfire. Am I a brilliant tactician? Yeah?

    A final thought, the way the map was laid out, with the mines, the roadblock, the trees along the road, and the initial placement zones for American soldiers, it seemed like the designer wanted a German convoy to advance down the road, stop at the roadblock, have all the Americans come out of hiding along the road, and then scatter onto the minefields. You know that will NEVER happen when two humans play the game. I figure for the Germans, it is a foregone conclusion that SOMETHING bad lies at that roadblock. Anyhoo…

  2. thimble says:

    Yeah it’s a little different because you’re not the german commander who’s been traveling down this road for 60 miles and nothing has happened, then you see a roadblock but you’ve already come across 3 of them and they all were abandoned so why would this one be different?

    Es ist eine Falle! texans überall! Rückzug! Rückzug!

  3. Top Hat says:

    Luke, it’s trap, texans are everywhere, retreat, retreat ???

    I think it’s more like:

    “We must defend the hilltop to the last man!”

    “But sir! Why defend the hilltop when the retreating Germans only need to get through the town?”

    “Because our initial deployment zones do not allow us to get to the town in time! We must defend the hilltop flag until Turn 15!”

    “But sir! What happens at Turn 15?”

    “We win the scenario, even though we suffer massive casualties! Protect the hill at all costs until Turn 15! Do you understand me, private Barnes!?”

    “Sir! Yes, Sir!”

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