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Turn 10 – Draknor Redux!

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Well my other sherman team decided to put on their anti-draknor goggles, their commander has informed them this will protect them from any of draknor’s weapons! This could prove the turning point, these goggles are the culmination of the brooklyn project, a secret government science project to produce a defense against the evil draknor!

wearing draknor goggles

This is the moment of truth! This is what it all comes down too, will years of research and millions spent on this research project pay off? I’ll let the picture speak for itself…



3 responses to “Turn 10 – Draknor Redux!”

  1. Top Hat says:

    At 59 seconds of the last turn, I hit your second of three Shermans, but all I know is that the gun may have been damaged. It became apparent at the beginning of this latest turn movie that it was out of action. And man, it was a relief to nail that third Sherman, 4th of July style.

    So the two questions floating around in my head right now are:

    1) Did the Tiger shots kill the entire crew in those pyrotechnic Sherman kills? If so, then my “injured” Panzer IV will have less work to do when he goes hunting for the remaining crew of the third abandonned Sherman as payback, you fuckin’ scumbag.

    2) Can Greyhounds drive backwards faster than Tigers can drive forwards? >:)

  2. Top Hat says:

    Oh and another thing that made me laugh. My damaged Panzer IV was running away and your lead Greyhound (the one with Sgt. Buttlich, I presume) spotted him and hit him twice, but it didn’t do anything. Then the Panzer made it behind the patch of palm trees, and the Greyhounds saw the Tigers and shat themselves.

    Too bad Buttlich’s main gun skills aren’t as god-like as his machinegun aim. I’m going to kill Buttlich, and then run over his dead body a few times. [sound of bike horn]

  3. thimble says:

    Yeah the crew of those 2 shermans are dead, they don’t even appear on the map so i assume they died in the blaze. My other tank crew is searching the rumble for thier dogtags as we speak.

    I can’t believe that panzer4 isn’t dead, i saw him sprinting for the protection of the palm trees, I’ll be back for him later!

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