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Turn 9 – I call him Draknor!

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Well this turn started out in the noble cause of science, my hypothesis was that german nazis crush easily under sherman tank treads. Like many other noble causes this one was stop short by an evil tyrrant, i call him draknor! Draknor takes the form of a tiger tank in this tale and man does he ruin it for my sherman guys!

As you can see i come over the ridge looking for nazi’s to steamroll, maybe the nazis are hiding behind those trees? Let’s have a look!

looking for easy kills

Oh shit, it’s draknor! As you can see from the pic draknor shells penetrate easily into sherman armor like the high school quarterback underneath the bleachers with the cheerleading capt! Anyways it was a firery death for my sherman boys, but don’t worry you will be avenged! The greyhounds are moving into position! And by moving into position i mean running for the hills!


This is a exact moment that sgt. smith’s face riped off and landed in the lap of the other sherman commander. Nice explosion though

huge sherman explosion


2 responses to “Turn 9 – I call him Draknor!”

  1. Top Hat says:

    It’s funny, my Tiger reinforcements arrived as soon as my last Panzer was put out of commission. Do you know if reinforcements are hardwired into scenarios, or do they depend on certain variables (e.g. “YourTanks = 0” and “PlayerBadCommander = 1”), because the timing sure was convenient. If they are supposed to arrive on a specific turn, it’s almost as if the scenario designer knew the Panzers would be having trouble with the Shermans and Greyhounds at that point. I don’t really believe that though, because if four Mk IIIs and three Mk IVs are all out of the battle by turn 7-8, surely it’s because the commander sucks.

    In any case, as I predicted you were rolling your Shermans forward, and you actually gunned down a guy who had crawled out of his tank and was trying to get away. You sadistic motherfuker!

    Draknor arrived at the perfect moment. I scanned the map, and I basically figured your Shermans would reach the top of that ridge very soon (and funny that this is the same ridge where I had my Panzers show themselves and then get smoked). I knew exactly where they were, so I just kept the Tigers where they spawned, and pointed them in the right direction. I backed them up a bit so if the Greyhounds appeared on the road, I’d be partially concealed.

    I had a nice view of my Panzer crewmen running away from your Shermans, only to be gunned down in cold blood. Draknor’s blood was boiling at that point. I missed the first Sherman twice, and as I watched the movie, I thought this was all going to backfire, but man that middle Sherman rocked the hemisphere with that explosion. Serves you right for shooting people in the back, you shock-jock morning radio asswipe.

  2. thimble says:

    I think the reinforcements are based on time only, and why am i now refered to as a shock-jock? Because i make light of the fact that your tank crews now have a higher mortality rate then uboat crews?

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