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Turn 10 – Ron Stug can’t shoot no more

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Well the previous turn ended with my remaining forrest stug on a downhill slope eyeing the sherman for revenge. Instead of firing loads into the face of the sherman my stug decided to sit there and do nothing! I guess he couldn’t bring his turret up that high to attack the sherman. So the stug is no more, Top your shermans have the best luck, i don’t think they’ve missed yet. And your first shot hit the stug while you were moving, which usually results in the shell sailing well far of the target.

In the forrest i have a squad right beside your remaining engineer squad. I can hear punches being thrown i think, either that or the sgt of your sqaud is slapping your guys back from the brink of panic. I still haven’t found your prized bazooka team unless those were the guys i slaughtered in the road trench.

I see you launched another mortar attack, when will you stop with that shit? How many rounds of 81mm do you have? I see about 3 units on the hill and I’m guessing those are all artillery spotters. I have special plans for those cowards, i plan to roll them over with my tiger!

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  1. Top Hat says:

    Although one Sherman was taken out almost immediately after arriving on the scene, that other Sherman crew has been doing well! They’ve taken out 2 STUGs, an armoured car, and did their job to create some interference for the infantry just north of the road. I see your units who can spot my units on the top of the hill, and I’m going to take out your armoured car, and hopefully that halftrack as well. I found a decent sightline that should provide enough cover. I know an armoured car and MkIII are still advancing around the woods to the north, but instead of engaging them right away, I will help relieve the pressure from my hilltop units.

    Don’t worry, my prized bazooka team is dead. I thought it might be possible to order a retreat along the roadblock, and figured it’d provide enough cover to get across the road and to the treeline to the south. I guess we can kiss that idea goodbye. RTFM, I suppose.

    My infantry squad to the north is pretty much screwed. It’s one hell of a slapfight, but they have no cover left, can’t withdraw since they’re under fire. All I can hope for is for them to perform one last zergling rush.

    And what the fuck is this? To the south of the road, by the turn’s end, I see one of your black-shirted vehicle crews wandering around, gripping their Let’s Go Italy books lookin’ for cover. I also see an anti-tank crew trying to get into position to perhaps offer a little payback to my Sherman? Let’s see if 10 rifles and a BAR help change your mind and make your boys wish they were back in Dresden with the other Swing Kids.

    And to the wooded area to the west, my infantry unit is being pelted with mortar fire of some type. I have no idea where the spotter is, and I can’t decide whether they should try to remain where they are (since they have a good line-of-sight on the advancing Krauts that just bailed from that half-track), or fall back, which I’m sure they won’t be able to do anyway, since they’re under fire.

    And I really love how useless the minefields are. FUCK YOU.

  2. thimble says:

    I did notice your troops trying to retreat run through your own mine field, i don’t know if it’s an anti-tank field or anti-personnel field but those guys are dead.

    Yeah that second sherman crew is outstanding! You can check on what kills they have by hitting enter and the clicking the info/kills box in the top left corner. I guess you’ll be giving that tank a silver star and the anti-tank crew one as well but posthumously i guess.

    I think i’d be half-way up the hill if my apc drivers could drive worth shit. Maybe i should just forget the hill and just go for the town. I wonder what surprises you have in store for me at the town? More bazooka teams i wonder?

  3. Top Hat says:

    How did you know I had minefields there? You wallhacker.

  4. thimble says:

    When your guys get close to a minefield they might detect it, or in this case see that your guys are been blown to bits by mines and decide “Hey that dumb texan is walking through his own minefield! Sweet!”

  5. Top Hat says:

    My own guys walked through their own minefield? I did not see that in the turn movie. I’ll have to watch that again. Man, I am glad they are dead. We don’t want people like that having children.

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