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Turn 11 – Greyhounds: Breakaway Speed, but Slow on Those Turns

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Now that the Shermans have been taken care of, onto business with those scumbag Greyhounds! I ordered a Tiger to start making a run for the high point along the main road, in the hopes of catching those two asswipes. And boy, did I ever catch them with their pants down. At the end of the last turn, they saw the Tiger at the bottom of the hill and slammed on the brakes. I assumed they were going to gun it in reverse until they were at least out of sight. Instead, they decided to practice their 3-point turns. It was very educational…

3-point turn, part 1
3-point turn, part 2
3-point turn, part 3
3-point turn, part 4

The other Greyhound managed to get away. Cue Benny Hill theme:

I think he covered half a kilometre in about 4 seconds. I commend you on your ability to flee!

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