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Turn 11 – Out from the Box Springs Tony the Tiger

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Well what a shitty turn that was. Infantry to the north who have now buckled down have met no advancing Germans, which was surprising. Infantry to the west are having a hard time falling back due to long range machinegun fire. The worst of it is a two-parter…

As mentioned in a previous reply, a Kraut APC along the treeline by the road is firing its large gun at one of my infantry teams near the top of the hill. I intended to bring my Sherman forward with the intention of destroying it. However, not only does the APC knock out my infantry unit before the Sherman can do anything, but all of a sudden to the north-east of the map, from the woods, comes a damn Tiger tank. One shot kill to the side of the Sherman from long distance. My Sherman crew had no idea what hit it, and I’m sure those who have rolled out of the tank are now lying in the grass, staring at the sky, thinking that puffy cloud looks a lot like Franklin D. Roosevelt.

That Tiger was identified earlier as a Panzer III, which made me feel safe enough to use the Sherman to help eliminate what I thought were more deadly threats along the road. Although my infantry units to the north never got a 100% visual on it, I would think that you’d have to be pretty slow to guess that that lumbering Tiger would be a puny little Panzer III (I’m guessing a Tiger is double the weight of a Mk III). It’s like a witness to a hit-and-run IDing a Ford Galaxy as a Pinto. Now I’m glad those infantry units to the north are all dead, because they were dumb fucks.

I’ve got very little left. Kommander Thimble knows I have no remaining Shermans, and with his Tiger, and various vehicles-mounted machineguns, as well as a shitload of infantry headed my way, the best I’ll be able to do is ask everyone to whip it out and start pissing in your direction, in the hopes that someone had a lot of asaparagus last night. Maybe the stink will make you think twice about advancing any further.

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  1. thimble says:

    Man i was waiting to kill that sherman for soo long! I don’t understand how i get 2 panzerIVs, 3 stug, 1 tiger and a bunch of armoured cars/apcs against 2 shermans and a shitload of infantry. It just seems really one sided. Sorry about this being our first map, i didn’t intend it to be “Learn by pain” but i guess retreating is a good lesson to learn.

    Now it’s a race to the town, so i can get enough victory points for something more then a minor victory. And i still need to line up those artillery fucks for their tiger steamroller.

    One of my APCs is shocked, has been for a few turns now. He’s now right infront of a tree, i think the driving is dead and his foot is still on pedal, ramming into the tree. The guy in the back isn’t doing anything because he’s still wiping the brains and blood off his face.

  2. Top Hat says:

    Haha! I hope that’s not some messed up AI. I just watched the movie again, and an infantry squad just south of the road encountered an anti-tank team and a pistol-toting Panzer crew (I mentioned this in my first reply to the previous post). For this current turn, I targetted the anti-tank team, but did not order “target next” to the Panzer crew, because the engine kept forcing me to target another infantry unit further away. I don’t know why.

    Watching the movie, they killed the anti-tank guy(s) immediately. Then they just hit the dirt and did nothing for the rest of the turn. Meanwhile, the Panzer boys with their Lugers are standing 8 METRES BEHIND THEM. WAKE UP!

    It’s so frustrating to watch them lying on the ground, facing the wrong direction, meanwhile this Panzer guy in his snappy black suit is just standing there with his pistol out, and about 45 seconds through the turn, he shoots one of my guys dead! He probably was tap dancing to some swing while he was popping shots out of his cap gun.

    This turn, I am not just going to order the remaining guys in that unit to turn around and kill Panzer Boy. Believe you me, they will be walking over to him while unbuckling their belts.

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