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Turn 23 – Stalemate

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After Thimble’s ramming attempt with his Sherman, the next bunch of turns saw me cautiously moving my Tigers over the ridge, and Thimble moving his reinforcements into position. Shortly after his last Sherman was destroyed, we had this exchange on ICQ:

Thimble: now wtf am i supposed to do? Ram my greyhounds into your tigers???
Thimble: you’re going to smoke me!
Top Hat: you’ve got another sherman and reinforcements
Thimble: i don’t get any reinforcements of shermans!
Thimble: seriously

“Seriously,” he claims. He was pretty serious when my Tiger finally made visual contact with four M10 tank destroyers, all moving in for the kill. Wow, what a spineless lying sack of shit.

Anyhoo, the rest of the scenario…

Turn 16: Four M10 tank destroyers show up on the horizon. Seriously.

Turn 17: The lead Tiger knocks out one M10. Seriously.

Turn 18: The lead Tiger takes out two more M10s (hitting each at least twice), and in turn ends up taking two hits as well. Seriously.

Meanwhile, the other Tiger, preoccupied with the dust cloud to the flank, stupidly crawled out of its hull-down position, only to be completely wasted by the fourth M10.

Turn 19-20: My last Tiger and Thimble’s last M10 aren’t going to be too aggressive. Meanwhile, my last remaining Panzer IV (gun damaged) and Thimble’s last Greyhound are in somewhat more adventurous moods. I send my Panzer straight to where I think the M10 may be hiding. Thimble sends his Greyhound charging in over the ridge to my flank.

Turn 21: My Panzer IV spots the M10, and isn’t it tragic that the Panzer’s destination point is right where the M10 is sitting. Before the turn’s end, the M10 scores two hits on the Panzer, but does not take it out! Seriously.

Turn 22: My Panzer IV, now in the sights of both the M10 and Greyhound, ends up taking a total of five hits, the two brutal shots naturally coming from the M10 (the Greyhound’s hits were similar to a butt-smack that happens during street b-ball in a Cranberries T-shirt).

Turn 23: Computer stops the game and calls us both pathetic losers. The After Action Report:

after action report

final map
A bird’s eye view of the main combat area, with units enlarged to +4. The critical ridge line in this scenario is indicated by the line of abandonned tanks. Remaining units in the stalemate are the lead Tiger (centre, hidden among trees), an M10 (top, hidden behind trees), and a Greyhound (far right, charging in like a mad man). The turn before this, the now smoking Panzer IV (second from the right) was part of the action. What the fuck are those infantry cacks doing?

Top Hat’s star of the scenario:
I can’t decide between Unt. Heinrich “Klassy” Klassen’s Tiger tank, which scored 7 confirmed kills, or Unt. Werner’s Super Panzer IV, which survived 7 hits before finally going down in flames.

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  1. thimble says:

    Well i was telling the truth about not getting any sherman reinforcements! I thought for the longest time that your remaining panzer had a knocked out turret, since earlier i saw him take a turret hit at the ridgeline. Then never really saw him fire his main gun again. I think my main star was Sgt Gunny’s abandoned tank crew, while hiding in the rocks, your last panzer rolls by and they get a BS HS on the tank commander.

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