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Turn 4 – Contact

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Finally, after several turns of showing each other our dust clouds, we both make contact. I lost a Panzer, and you lost an armoured car, as they exchanged fire. The Panzer was the “lead” of sorts, as it was the first to get high enough to survey the horizon. It was nestled between the clusters of palm trees by the road, which I figured might provide some concealment from any threat from out in the desert. (I can see a very large dust cloud swirling out there.)

Here’s the kicker: as the Panzer and your armoured car exchange fire, they end up knocking each other out at the same time. Both of their killing shots were their last. My Panzer took out your AFV, but the AFV had already fired the shell that would kill my Panzer commander. I replayed the movie with the camera right behind your armoured car. I see the AFV fire a shot, see it take a hit, hear “GGRRRGGGGUUUURRGGLL”, then hear “GOOD SHOT!” all within a 1-2 second span. I guess the guy celebrating the hit wasn’t the guy who was swallowing his own tongue and nose.

My Panzer took a hit, but wasn’t out of action immediately. It started backing up, but then something blew and it was out of action. I guess something popped inside, causing a couple of casualties. The really shitty thing about this is that tank had my platoon leader in it. He gave the other Panzers in his group a Command bonus of +1. I think this scenario was over the moment he was killed.

EDIT: a Sherman on the flank dealt the killing blow, as shown in the sweet sweet screen captures…

panzer and greyhound exchange fire
The U.S. M8 Greyhound and the German Panzer III score near-simultaneous hits on each other. The Greyhound is out of action, and the damaged Panzer begins to roll back to a hidden position.

retreating panzer nailed by sherman
As the Panzer retreats, three Shermans to its left flank track it. The lead Sherman fires (muzzle flash visible left-of-centre on the horizon) and scores a turret hit. The sight of their commander’s guts all over the inside of the tank prompts the rest of the crew to calmly head for the nearest emergency exit.

2 responses to “Turn 4 – Contact”

  1. Top Hat says:

    I find in armor battles the best tactic is to overpower your enemy with bringing all your tanks to bare at the same time. This way you’re not trading 1 of your tanks for maybe 1 of mine. Instead you have a good chance of killing multiple tanks without taking a hit.

    That’s great, I got tank rushed!

    I was actually trying to do the opposite, as well as recon at the same time. My goal was to have all armour be able to appear within the same turn minute, but we’d be really spread out. From your perspective, we’d be across the horizon, making it tough to concentrate fire anywhere.

    In this case, I messed up big time by having different Panzers appear at different times. I got all your Shermans pointing at me in one case. But I guess spreading out and attacking like that isn’t easy, otherwise, everyone would be doing it.

  2. thimble says:

    Yeah having your tanks appear at the same time is difficult, even with my tanks being very close together they ended up have a few meters of distance difference. I think you might be able to do that in an urban setting, have your tanks hide behind a few towns and then pop out at the same time. We should play an urban map next, not sure how many are available since africa doesn’t have cities or towns, just mud huts

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