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Turn 6 – Big Anticipation

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After a discussion about this upcoming turn at lunch that day, i thought it was going to be a big turn for the germans. To set the stage, the germans are pressing down a road towards a town guarded by a few boys from texas. My Panzer4 begins to turn towards the oncoming shermans a few clicks away and wham! Bazooka to the head! I begin to cry, my sherman killing machine taken out before it had lost it’s virginity, it will never know the sweet feeling of f*cking a sherman. The bazooka team was hiding in the trees on the north side of the road, the german infantry will make them pay for taking out that tank!

On the other side the US infantry is in full retreat and a long way off from any reinforcements. Interesting to see what the 2 shermans will do near the town. Will they come out and expose themselves and protect the retreating infantry or hide and wait inside the town to take on the remainder of the german tanks in close quarters.


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  1. Top Hat says:

    Man, that Panzer IV kill was sweet. That bazooka team was hiding in the bush, waiting for the right moment to strike. Those two armoured cars were the biggest threat for the last couple of turns, and the sight of the Shermans further down the road made them try to pull a 180. One car’s side was completely exposed, and the bazooka boys were ordered to lay the smack down. They fired, scoring a hit (with no apparent damage… what in the fuck?), but then they decided to fire their next round at the Panzer IV a bit further down the road. Hull penetration: looks like your Panzer IV lost its virginity after all. It was just a different kind of deflowering. Heil Hitler, you cack!

    In other news, lots of my infantry are running for their lives. Details at 11.

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