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Dude, what are you feeding those Germans on the “north” side of the road? For the last couple of turns, they’ve been running, screaming, throwing ‘nades, killing people… I can’t get my infantry to back off properly. Those sons of bitches have wiped out one of my squads (as they were running for their lives), and then as they came upon my machinegun crew, they started putting the pressure on them as well. I’m convinced those German infantry have been running for the last 300 metres, thus they are all cloned Dolph Lundgrens. (I know he’s not German, shut up.)

Meanwhile, a bit further north, a couple of monsters (STUGs?) and a Panzer III come rolling out of nowhere. They were starting to roll right by my squad under the trees, but then my boys were spotted by some German peeping Tom across the field. The turn movie ended, and now I have no idea what’s going to happen. They are mere metres away from the STUGs…

And to the “south” of the road my retreating infantry are screaming for their lives. I listened closely when the camera was zoomed in while playing the turn movie, and I heard one of the grunts scream “Tell Maria I love her!” I sent some smoke shells behind their position in an attempt to mask their retreat, but that was pretty ineffective. This was partly because the mortar team was a bit off the mark, and partly because the smoke wasn’t thick enough. If the retreating infantry had all lit up cigars, they probably would’ve done a better job.

See you in hell!

3 responses to “Turn 7 – THE CHILDREN ARE BURNING!”

  1. thimble says:

    Yeah infantry tends to run if under heavy concentration of fire, even if they haven’t taken any losses they’ll just up and run. I guess it’s a lot more realistic then other games where your infantry unit will fight the tank to the last man, even though he’s using a knife and the tank is firing shells.

    Yeah I’ve made a bit of a gamble and moved my tanks into the forrest to try and fire on your shermans. Hopefully the infantry that were on board will now dismount and protect the stugs from any infantry assualt you planned. Also of note I got some more reinforcements, let’s just say it’ll be interesting to see if i can get these forces into position to use them well.

    My infantry has been doing great, it’s just my armoured vehicles haven’t performed that well, and i know i’m going to lose another from a mine or something…could be the deciding factor, if i lose too much armour your tanks will be able to slow down my advance on the town…

  2. Top Hat says:

    Well the infantry are definitely freaking out. Up at the top of the map, in the woods, your STUGs started rolling by my boys, and based on the game engine’s slightlines, I am convinced they couldn’t see my guys. However, some German infantry asswipe on the other side of the field spotted them, and as of the end of the turn movie, they’re now pinned, and I don’t think they’ll be able to do anything against the armour.

    Now that the turn’s over, I can say that instead of trying to retreat through the sparse trees, I ordered the engineering squad to attack one of the STUGs. I don’t know how engineers assault armour, but I guess I’ll find out. This is assuming of course, that the half squad I’m seeing across the field isn’t going to continue to keep them pinned down.

    As I type this, I can hear aircraft over me. The air show is going on down at the Ex, and since I live close by, their circle-round flight path seems to include my area. I could really use one of those planes right now.

  3. thimble says:

    Well to assault a tank with infantry check to make sure your infantry has something to assault with. They need grenades, grenade bundles or some type of mine or in the case of the russians molotov cocktails work well too.

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