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Turn 8 – Bazookas and why i hate them

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Well I thought this round was going to be sweet sweet killing of the americans by my superior Dulph Lungrend german super troopers. My tanks were lying in waiting, hidden in the forrest and ready to show the shermans what a real tank can do. Only TopHat had his bazooka team was ready to fire once more, i think it’s because Top’s been playing too much bf:vietnam and so he has his team doing guerrilla tactics. So he managed to take out one of my panzerIVs in the forrest. One sherman was already down so i guess that’s a fair trade.

Another panzerIV was on the south side of the road moving slowly towards firing position on the other sherman when wham! Bazooka to the head(literally, i lost my driver). So the tank was shocked and couldn’t fire it’s main gun, so it retreated from the hail of bazooka fire. I feel like I’m in black hawk down, rpg’s going everwhere! Eventually the bazooka’s find their mark and that panzerIV and my plans of flanking the sherman and cutting off the retreat of those fleeing infantry are lost.

Also i have dumbasses driving my apc/trucks. These vehicles are loaded with quality units, ready to kick some democratic ass! Unfortunately they can’t get into the action since the drivers are taking their sweet sweet time going through the trees. It would’ve been nice if those infantry could’ve been beside the tank to protect it from the hail of bazooka’s but no they had to practice their parallel parking in the forrest!

The good news is that Top lost another 2 squads of engineers, so he’s now down to 3 spent artillery spooters and 2 bazooka rounds! Nothing can really stop ze germans now!

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  1. Top Hat says:

    Well it looks like both of your Panzers are down, which is a big relief. One of your STUGs went down as well (I think the currently abandoned Sherman and STUG took each other out). Two Panzers and a STUG down, in exchange for a Sherman. Not bad, however, you still have at more than 2-3 armoured units with big guns against my one Sherman, not to mention all your half-tracks and transport vehicles. Surely you won’t wonder why I don’t have a nice woody right now.

    Those bazooka guys fired several shots over the course of that minute-long turn, although the distance was fair and the Panzer was moving, so I don’t know if I should feel lucky that they scored two hits, or frustrated that they missed while the Panzer’s flank was totally exposed. From my perspective, it looked like the Panzer IV was still in action by the end of the turn, but I guess I would’ve found out the truth within the first few moments of the next turn. The real shitter is I had a mortar firing rounds at the position where I expected your Panzer IV to be by the time the mortar team would fire. However, the bazooka attack from the flank made those guys back up, and it was really irritating to see mortar shells land a few metres in front of the tank… right where it should have been if it hadn’t of backed up.

    Now the bazooka team has been spotted, and their general position must now be known. I can’t find the command to order that team to curl up into the fetal position and cry.

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