Combat Mission Battle Logs


Turn 7 – Germans can fly?

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The battle continues with another recoilless rifle firing at my sherman tanks from it’s trench infront of the church. There also appears to be a mortar team nearby, let’s listen in…

two guys talking in trench
Dolf: Hey Hans, i heard the hooker boys just surrendered!
Hans: Shit! I really liked those guys, best handjobs in town.
Dolf: Well it doesn't really matter we're getting our asses pounded!
Hans: Kinda like those hooker boys!
Dolf: HaHa good one Hans!

After this comment Hans was immediately tossed into the air like a ragdoll

explosion flying

I think this is when you should run away Top! You don’t want to have your guys steamrolled!


Turn 6 – Don’t Shoot, Me Love you long time!

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On the short side of the town there lays a single trench with about 200m of wheatfield protecting the city. Just passed the wheatfield lies a protective forrest that my infantry are using as cover. I decided to lay down some artillery fire and smoke to try and scare whatever or whoever is in that trench. Little did i know it would be a squad of male german hookers who also operate the local recoilless rifle! Glad to see you boys! They surrendered quickly when they saw the human wave of infantry coming out of the forrest.


Top they also told me about all your plans so you might want to quit now!


Turn 5 – Jude Law in Enemy at the Gates 2

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I was given several sharpshooter units for this mission, usually i use them to scout out the enemy and engage tank commanders who enjoy the wind against their face along with a bullet to the eye! After learning that Top got zero tanks in the battle I decided to use them as long range snipers against this LMG squad, who is causing havok for my advancing team.

sniper shot 1 sniper shot 2

As you can see Jude has them dead to rights, the enemy’s head is taking up the entire screen of the awp scope!

Well now what? I’m running out of guys to kill top! Maybe if i send this team into the town they’ll get some no scope awp kills! l33t!


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