Combat Mission Battle Logs



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After a long vacation from CM, i’m back baby! This mission was well fought by both sides. We some good luck the Canadians gained the advantage and were able to take most of the east and west flank of the main town. My Canucks were entering the city and would soon be involved in house to house combat with the Germans.

For some reason this map seemed very biased towards the Allies. I received something like 4 tanks when the germans received none. Top did receive a few anti-tank guns, some type of cheap recoilless rifle guns, not pak40s or anything. I guess the germans didn’t want this town in the end anyways.

I learnt a bunch about advancing infantry on defended position and a bit about mortars. Oh and for some reason i also got a bunch of sharpshooters, they did surprisingly well, although they get low on ammo very quickly. We had to finish this mission early since we both forgot our passwords and it was using an old version of CM.


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