A collection of thoughts about games and game-related topics. There are worse things I could have done with my time.


TimeShift review
March 2010
Posted on Long live ASCII. I think it's one of the coolest places on the web. Maybe by contributing, I can leech some of that coolness.
Curse: The Eye of Isis review
February 2004
Written for, but was never posted. No replies to emails. "It was in my 'adaptive' junk mail folder." They slowly became a dormant operation.
Call of Duty review
January 2004
Written as an exercise. At the time, I needed an outlet after being all wired from the explosions and gunfire. And the faux Band of Brothers pretense. In hindsight, I needed an editor.
Painkiller prevew
December 2003
Written for the now-defunct
Battlefield 1942 review
March 2003
Written for the now-defunct I guess I really appreciated the comprehensive review style at the time. Actually, I still do. Sometimes you just need to know what comes in the box.