ride bikes?
  hang out?
wanna. . .  play guns?
  build a fort?
  play hockey?

Shooters have been a mainstay in gaming. Since childhood, I've been there as they has evolved, from two dimensions to first person, from a solitary experience to a communal one online, whether with adversaries or collaborators. I can't deny the genre's attracting power, in particular its core parts that elicit such visceral reactions that have carried on from one game to the next. LARPing aside, online shooters are one of the few things in adulthood that allow us to revert back to a carefree suburban childhood, when lawns were battlefields, bushes were hedgerows, and romper-room war flicks such as Force 10 from Navarone became scenarios to play through.

Here lies a dumping ground for thoughts, summaries, and play logs for online shooters. Surely no passerby cares, but posting stuff here is better than recording a video of myself crying and posting it on YouTube.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Playstation 3
Thoughts on Infinity Ward's foray into a contemporary theme, and deathmatch map rankings.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Playstation 3
Some rambling whining about Infinity Ward's botching of a contemporary theme, and deathmatch map rankings.
Left 4 Dead
Play logs of a madman, hellbent on getting a gold medal across the board in Survival mode. (Warning: upon clicking, page colours will turn into something more ominous!)