I, Angelo

The following is Angelo's submission when asked to provide a guest summary for my Settlers of Catan Game Logs page.


Angelo places his first settlement on the only good clay spot (8, others being 2 and 3), wondering why Kai, having gone first, didn't see the value in monopolizing the clay. As predicted, Angelo accumulates a shitload of clay and refuses to trade it with the other players unless it's on his terms: 3 to 1. Predictably, Ken and Kai indulge in their pride and are unwilling to cave to Angelo's demands. So they begrudgingly trade resources at the inflated 4:1 rate like a bunch of donkeys.

The turning point in the game is when Ken trades 2 cards for one of Angelo's clay, allowing both of them to build settlements. To Ken's chagrin, this unlikely move benefits Angelo as he increases his intake of resources. At this point, Ken's already sour mood further deteriorates to that resembling a child who had just dropped his ice cream.

Throughout the game Angelo taunts his opponents with derisive comments about their futile attempts to rob him of clay. This further aggravates Ken and Kai, as they are unable to capitalize on any opportunities to rob Angelo of his supposed clay stocks, often pulling other useless resources.

On the final roll, Angelo is able to build 2 settlements and win the game by a landslide. Ken was a sour puss. Kai was a non-entity.


Ken's response:

This is a very nice summary. It contains equal parts humour, arrogance, reality, and delusion. I'm sure Kai will agree.

My challenge now is to condense is to 1/3 its original length, because I'm not sure if you've noticed but the text area for the game summary on my Settlers page cannot hold an entire chapter from the book entitled I, Angelo.


Kai's response:

You can probably do a find and replace on Angelo's name with d.b. That'll probably shorten it by a couple of lines.