Sub-pages for games that have taken up a lot of my time. Despite that statement's negative connotation, there's really no such thing as a bad experience.


Combat Mission Battle Logs Blow-by-blow accounts of Combat Mission PBEM games. Learn what goes through the minds of generals and privates alike as carefully laid out plans collapse in 60 seconds or less.
Let's Play Guns Not shoot 'em ups, but shooters. Profiles of online shooters I have been obsessed with.
Catan Settling Logs Settlers of Catan game summaries, mostly based on matches played with friends at work. It is amazing that we can still look each other in the eye without feeling the urge to spit.
Jug City [WiP] Stuff from my Animal Crossing: Wild World town, Jug City.
Planet Irata [WiP] Box scores from single- and multiplayer M.U.L.E. games.
EVE Online Resources [INACTIVE] A compilation of useful EVE Online links, submitted through the resource submission page.